Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Socks @ City Center!

I am a little CRAZY about socks! My daughter wears a yukky brown uniform to school and socks are usually the only way I can infuse a little 'funk' into her wardrobe.

But socks in Kuwait are kind of expensive ranging from 1/4 to 1/2 KD for 1 pair! And they are usually thin with dreadful designs.

So I basically FLIPPED when I went to City Center last night. They have Packs of 5 socks for both girls and boys. The designs and colors are outstanding! The price is 990 fils for 1 pack!

I bought 20 pairs for my 6 year old and 10 pairs for my 2 years old and 10 pairs for my son. My whole carriage was FULL of socks...but they are really HIGH quality and I know they will last and last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update on My Son's 'Hinney'

Thankfully, the injury on my son's 'derriere' has healed. All that is left now is for us to go and have the stitches removed. I cannot believe that the doctor did not use invisible stitches...the ones that dissolve by themselves. Only in Kuwait are things done 'back' wards! Lol!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

First and LAST time ordering from 6alabat!

It has been a hard week. My daughter sprained her ankle at the beginning of it and my son got hurt at the end of it.

I had a few deadlines this morning that I completed and planned to surprise the kids th a full evening of quality time. I am so sick of the fast food restaurants in my area. So, I decided to give www.6alabat.com a whirl. We were already hungry but I took the time to register for an account and uplaod my address, etc. I made the order for Grill Casa because it was not too expensive and the menu looked awesome. They called to confirm my address and order. And then I waited and waited and waited. After 1 hour I called to complain. After another 45 minutes I canceled the order. My kids and I were starving. Every one was cranky. It was awful. I finally ordered from Burger King and the minute the food came, so did one of my neighbors. And she stayed for over 30 minutes. So, by the time we finally ate everything was ICE cold!

So much for a fun evening!

For me, 6alabat gets 2 thumbs DOWN!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Yummy rice and......feet???????

Ugh.........it is totally a cultural thing I am sure...but it is nonetheless very gross. Every time I go to my in-laws for lunch my mother-in-law makes a huge batch of rice in a pan that barely fits on the stove. It's massive. Once the rice is done, the pan is too hot to put on the shelf so it goes right down on the floor.
Anyway, today at lunch one of my sister-in-laws was loading up trays with the rice and setting it down on the FLOOR! And then the hungry kdis were running around right next to the RICE! All I could imagine was the junk from their shoes completely covering the rice...ugh! I was not planning on eating a bite of it but my helpful sister-in-law fixed my plate BEFORE I sat down to eat. Oh my gosh! And not finishing the ENTIRE plate in my husband's family is utterly taboo. So, I had to swallow every dust covered bite! Yum.........blech....

And no it's not the first time. Food is routinely assembled on the floor over at the in-laws. It just boggles my mind. And my husband's family is EXTREMELY clean...but the food thing is just weird. I guess they feel they have no other option besides the floor to serve food??

Now doesn't that make you SO hungry for rice?????????????????

The scent of blood is in the air.........

Literally, I am afraid. We went to my in-laws for lunch today. My son was out playing with his cousins and their ball went over a wall. My son leaped over the wall and lost his footing. He landed straight on his butt and fell on a piece of glass. By the time he made it into the house the whole back of his shorts were covered in blood.
My poor baby. I took him to the bathroom and was trying to see if the glass was still in there or what. Man, my family members (or rather my husband's) were pounding on the door. I was getting more irate by the minute. My son was is the bathroom with his entire rear end exposed. He would have been humiliated if I had opened the door! Ugh!
Finally, my brother-in-law grabbed him and took him to the ER. He just got home. No stictches thankfully and the glass is out. But they gave him antibiotics and meds. We have been planning to go to Entertainment City all week but looks like we are going to have to cancel. Ugh!
My son is 11 years old going on about 6. He is the sweetest boy in the World. However, we often butt heads. We have the same...and I mean exaclty the same...demeanor...Ugh & Lol!

Changing Directions......

I think the biggest mistake I have made with my blog is that I unwittingly followed the format of other bloggers....complain about Kuwait...and share cool things to see & buy online....I think that is why I keep losing interest in blogging. Especially, as I writer I am accustomed to sharing myself and with this blog I have only shared a teeny tiny part of me. So, I am going to chnage direction and start blogging more about my life and how living in Kuwait has both been a blessing and a curse.
Happy Reading!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Smoke....but no fire.

I am starting to think that strange things happen only to me! This morning I was busy typing away on an article that is due tomorrow. And, despite having a horrible cold, I was able to smell smoke at about 10am. I got up from my computer and began frantically checking to see where it was coming from. The concentration was heaviest near the lift (elevator). Something was burning or on fire.
I quickly called my husband and he in turn called the watchman, who was oblivious to the problem. I woke all my kids up and was prepared to go out into the street. Luckily, my husband called back. The watchman discovered that the lift was stuck on the top floor and the motor was smoldering. We are so lucky it did not burst into flames!
So, that was my excitement for the day. I am starting to think I attract SMOKE !!