Monday, June 18, 2007

Titanic Mall & Fuddrucker's

I had a meeting today with a local printer to finalize the details for a business venture I am launching. All will be revealed soon!

Afterwards, we headed to Hawally to 'Titanic Mall' or at least I think that is the name. It is my favorite mall in Kuwait. It is not so big and imposing and I love the nautical theme. We ate a Fuddrucker's and the food was awesome! I ordered a chicken fajita salad and chicken fingers platter. The kids all got mini-burger meals. We wanted to catch the new Fantastic Four movie at the theatre but by the time we finished eating it had already perhaps next week we can go. Hey we got a free piece of cheesecake with my husband's buffalo sandwhich meal! I love freebies!

I am super pysched because I stopped at the newsstand and bought the latest issues of Glamour, Allure, People...I spent like 10 KD on mags and coloring books for my kids.

So, I am going to spend the rest of the night reading my mags and watching TV. What else is there to do anyway?? It is too hot to breathe outside! Ugh! I miss winter!


Fayoora said...

I love the weather! :P

Fayoora said...

Oh .. and the mall, It's called AlMuhalab hehe

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

lol I hate AlMuhalab Mall, but I gotta' admit, the movie theater is kinda' cozy. I only go there for their cinema with my el familia and we also grab a bite to eat from Fudz before going to see a movie :P

Glamour, Allure are a few of my favorites as well. Do you read Marie Clare, or Elle? Those are pretty good too.

Sumi said...

Lol.......Someone told me it was called 'Titantic Mall' because it is built like a ship! That is SO funny!! Anyway, I like the name Titantic Mall better than Al Muhalab!

Yeah I love Marie Clare and Elle! My favorite is the tabloid Star! But all of those were unavailable

I get all my celebrity gossip from here:

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